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Planet Software Solutions It  has been operating in the ICT (information communication technology) with decades of experience and specialized in the area of expertise of INFORMATION SYSTEM of both the P.A. and Industry.

The activities referred PSS deals, fall in the wide innovation process and reorganization of public administration started in the 90's (check Bassanini Law) which has set itself the goal of modernizing the P.A. through greater efficiency, transparency and administrative simplification improving the quality of the relationship with the citizen user.

The changes in P.A. are related to the introduction of innovative processes, with profoundly different mode from traditional ones.

Planet Software Solutions offers IT solutions in order to ensure that services meets the new requirements expressed by a society considerably changed in recent years, as complexity and lifestyles. In addition, the introduction of a new working tool was perceived as an opportunity to address the reorganization of the bureaucratic process to reduce the complexity of the system and give benefit of both internal users than external ones. has the feeling of enjoying net and concrete advantages.